Bob Skeleton, Goth Detective (falloutgurl666) wrote in songfichallenge,
Bob Skeleton, Goth Detective

Mod Post

i have a couple of matters of business
the first is stories or lack thereof
you have joined this community so you are obviously interested in writing songfics
but there are very few of you who have ever contributed a story
i dont want to have to have rules dictating how often you post but unless people start making contributions maybe ill have to
think of this as a kind request to be more active
second is lyrics
i realise that the reason you may not be writing is that the lyrics ive been posting are not what you want to write to
if this is the case then if ive said it once ive said it a thousand times, please please please contribute ideas
all you need to do is comment on a challenge post with the name of the song and the artist and it will be up here at the next chance i get
would u like me to upload the mp3's of the lyrics i post each week?
would it help your writing or isnt it worth the effort?
and lastly, you obviously have enough faith in the idea of this community shown by the fact you joined
so contribute ideas, lyrics, stories, promote it, comment on stories and just be active
if you have any ideas you have to make this community better, i want to hear them!
this is your community as much as mine
so keep scribblin'
<3 your mod
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