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Sing Me A Story

Song Fiction Challenge

Lyrical Scribbles
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Song fic, lyric fic, ripping off someone elses ideas because we have no plot bunnies ourselves...
Whatever you call it everyone likes a good song fic whether it be fanfic, slash or orginal fiction
This community is for just that
Each week (or there abouts) i will post the lyrics to a song then over the next week you can post stories based on the lyrics
they can be as loosely or closely related to the lyrics as you want (everything from an idea you got from the lyrics to a story where the lyrics are part of the dialogue or anything in between)

the songs used as inspiriation for the stories in this community are not ours, we do not own them
they are written by bands and musicians we have never met, nor are likely to
we dont pretend we have written them and we give credit to all the great songs out there that have inspired our fics

=>Stories must be based on recent lyrics i have posted
if the lyrics are still on the most recent entries page thats a good start
=>you can post fanfiction, rps, fps or orginal fiction
only it must be your own work
if it was co-written, say so
if it was beta-ed by someone, give them credit for doing it
just whatever it is, fanfiction, slash or orginal fiction you must have written it
=>with each story post please include the following
Story Type:
(Fanfiction and fandom, rps/fps and paring or orginal fiction)
Song: (just to remind us what your writing is based on)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Content:(Smut, Fluff, Angst etc)
Disclaimer: (for fanfiction because no one wants to get sued do they?)
=>please keep post without stories to an absolute minimum
question posts are ok
no off topic posts or community whoring
we dont really care how many toes you have on your left foot nor do we care about the new community you found for people with eleven toes
there are other places for that (such as here memoirsofafoot) but this isnt it
=>comments are encouraged as everyone likes to know their writings are loved
constructive criticism is not only encouraged but highly recommended
just be tactful, telling someone their story sucks is not constructive criticism
=>song fics are generally one shots not chaptered pieces
if you wish to write a story in two or three parts thats ok
this isnt the place for stories any longer than that
=>Please put stories behind a cut, if you dont know how to learn
also please use the subject line for what it was created for
put Fiction and the title of your fic in the subject line for every post
it just makes the archives so much easier to use
=>Lastly play nicely children
if your homophobic, then dont read slash easy as that
if you dont like the band a challenge song is by
deal with it! its about the lyrics not the band
if you dont like something someone has wrote or dont agree with someones views on something
dont make a scene
cause if you do, ill ban you
no warnings or three strikes your out
ill ban you straight away, simple as that

if you have a song you wish to see up here comment on a challenge post
and if i think it seems appropriate ill put it up for the next challenge i can
if you wish to make a banner for this community please post it in a comment here



if you wish to be affiliated with us go here

so have fun
and go write those lyrical scribbles of yours